South Lake Compounding Pharmacy

We began development with this compounding pharmacy HQ in Tampa Florida in 2019, when we were hired they had an old out dated website that had no traffic at all. We took it over and did a complete overhaul. We developed a interative product catalog for their patients to view their medications. We also did a large SEO campaign and generated 72,000 clicks and 1,000,000 impressions in the first 16 months after completion.

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Rite Away Pharmacy

This pharmacy HQ located in San Antonio Texas came to us in January of 2019 and they needed help with getting new patients into their pharmacy.

We began by developing them a brand new website from scratch, and launching a 6 month long aggressive content development campaign to boost their traffic in the search engines. After we completed our development, this client began receiving roughly 100,000 clicks / year with our organic SEO package.

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Absolute Pharmacy

One of our very first clients based out of Tampa Florida, they owned an operated a large compounding pharmacy that specialized in compounding weightloss injections. This company came to us in need of expanding into new markets online. They needed a complete overhaul of their old out dated website. We began by creating a new website and launching a large content marketing campaign for them in January of 2017.

After development was complete and the content was published, their website began receiving roughly 100,000 clicks / year of organic search traffic.

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Nu Image Medical

This medical weight loss clinic based in Tampa Florida came to us in September 2017 in need of growing their patient list and attracting new customers to their already established medical weight loss clinic. We worked along side their I.T. team in developing a aggressive content marketing campaign to take over markets in their practice.

Within the first year of our content marketing campaign being completed, we managed to get them from only 60,000 clicks/year all the way to 300,000 clicks / year in organic website traffic.

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The Pain Healing Center

This Pain Clinic located in Tampa Florida came to us in 2019 and needed a brand new website developed, we worked with our design team to create a interactive website that brought patients into their practice with ease.

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Jafri Capital

This real estate finance company based out of NYC came to us for help in developing a interactive website and assistance with marketing campaigns.

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